XtendLife Total Balance For Men- Review and Comparison

Total Balance Men’s Premium has all the ingredients found in both :

PLUS-According to XtendLife’s Website :-

 Total Balance Men’s Premium…is the only product available that slows all 5 areas of the aging process.

  • contains powerful antioxidants.
  • uses enteric coating so none of the ingredients are destroyed by stomach acid, so you get 100% of the benefit with nothing wasted.


 For more info see the Total Balance FAQ

XtendLife says Total Balance Men’s will make you:-

  • look and feel younger and stronger.
  • feel more vibrant.
  • ward off cancer, BPH & other conditions before they start.
  • be more virile & sexual.
  • get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.
  • live your life at your own pace.



From our perspective we have tested Total Balance ourselves and found the supplements and the company to be excellent. We also like that Xtend Life is not owned by a major public company conglomerate as many ‘top of the line’ supplements are – – see our review pages.

Now we don’t know if Total Balance does everything the company claims – but we know it’s a top class product and in lab tests always comes in the top 3 products for Major Multi-Supplements



XtendLife has a wide variety of Wellness supplements, including a large skin care line.

Lab testing on XtendLife puts their product in the top 3 to Multi Blend Supplements on the market.

Their web site though not video friendly has good information and a breakdown of where they company came from ( founded in 2000, by father and son Warren and Lance Mathews, together with some top bio scientists.)

If we compare Xtend Life with say Nutrilite (both top quality products) you can see that Xtend Life is looking for more scientific cutting edge products, whereas Nutrilite, though they have hundreds of scientific patent and scientists of their own, tend to go more for the organic whole food approach. Nutrilite of course owns and controls all the farms and fields where they harvest their product from. Xtend Life sources their ingredients and then puts them thorough and rigorous testing.

To be fair I don’t think any company starting now would have the ability to create its own and control all its own land for farms and orchard etc. Nutrilite started back in the late 1940’s, so that gave them the opportunity.

However Xtend Life being a ‘new company” has taken the scientific and technological options that would not have been available to say Nutrilite in the1940’s.

Personally I like the all the added ingredients available in Total balance as an overall supplement.

From the products we’ve tested for a multivitamin you can’t go wrong with either Nutrilite or Xtend Life.

However Nutrilite doesn’t have a blended supplement of the range that Xtend Life’s Total Balance has. And the price is good. Very Good




Xtend Life Info:

Unlike most other supplement companies we control the manufacturing of all the products we develop through our fully owned manufacturing company Natural Products (NZ) Ltd, which is a member of the Xtend-Life group (refer to the link Company Ownership)

What makes them Unique?

In a nutshell, apart from the R & D that goes into the development of Xtend-Life supplements, it is the way in which they are manufactured and the special enhancements within them. This is what makes the difference.


Nutrient imbalances and/or deficiencies in the body are known to be the prime cause of ailments and disease. Your organs require a wide range of nutrients to enable them to produce the many chemicals and hormones needed by your cells.

If your body is deficient in any of these nutrients your organs will slowly starve, making it impossible for them to function in the most effective way. This in turn results in inadequate amounts of chemicals and hormones produced. Result? Accelerated aging and disease! The illustration on the right shows what gradual nitrogen deficiency does to a simple leaf! Similar deterioration of your organs occurs when starved of essential nutrients!

Attaining and maintaining vibrant health is largely dependent on your body’s ability to sustain adequate levels of essential nutrients. The challenge is getting these nutrients to the cells and this is where most supplements fail.

Nutrient imbalances and/or deficiencies are due to three key factors:

  • Poor diet.
  • Poor extraction of nutrients from food.
  • The declining quality of the available food supply.

A poor diet results from eating excessive amounts of processed foods (including sugars and fats), animal derived foods and dairy foods, as well as from consuming insufficient amounts of fruits, vegetables and pure water.

Poor extraction of nutrients is common amongst many people. This is often due to a lack of specific enzymes in the upper intestine that enable the digestive system to break down the nutrients from the food into molecules small enough to pass through the membrane of the small intestine.

Declining quality of food due to large scale farming and storage methods degrades the nutrient component of foods.

Delivery Systems


The way a supplement is delivered to your body is critical to its effectiveness, regardless of whether it is in tablet, capsule, soft-gel, powder or liquid form. If the correct nutrients are not released in the correct place, then they cannot do their job and the supplement is worthless.

The nutrients provided by the supplement must be able to be transported into the bloodstream without being damaged or compromised in any way. Achieving this is very complex and a significant part of Xtend-Life’s research and development time goes into ensuring that our supplements are transported into the blood stream in a form that will give your body the maximum benefit.

Xtend-Life uses four different delivery systems, which take into account the specific purpose of the products and the active ingredients they contain.These are:

Enteric coated tablets

Non-enteric coated tablets

Soft gel capsules

Hard gel capsules

Enteric Coated tablets


Enteric coating technology allows tablets to pass through the stomach intact, without being damaged by stomach acids. This is crucial because exposure to stomach acids can damage or inactivate some of the most important nutrients, such as L-Glutathione, Resveratrol and SAMe.

The all important enzymes are rendered useless by stomach acid as well.

When enteric coated products reach the upper intestine, the coating on the tablet disintegrates and releases the active ingredients. The enteric coating, which is inert, then continues on through the digestive system and is passed from the body.

Once the coating has disintegrated, specific active ingredients in the tablet ‘react’ with enzymes present in the supplement, breaking down to smaller size those nutrients with larger molecules to enable them easy passage through the intestinal membrane into the blood stream.

Xtend-Life uses enteric coating on our flagship product, the Total Balance range for general health. Total Balance is rightly considered the ‘Rolls Royce’ of supplements. This should be your cornerstone supplement if you are serious about maintaining or improving your health

They have just announced they are going to a new ‘improved’ coating- a new generation clear form – from Colorcon. Apparently the new clear coating, still water based, but now with the colorants removed that were in the previous coatings. Iron Oxide in fact.Hmm?

Note Xtend Life has Total Balance for women, men and children – different formulations for each one.

See the comparison here:


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