Those ‘Nutrition ‘ Labels


Although it seems like nutrition “facts” should be pretty straightforward, they aren’t. Serving size The nutrition facts (most notably calories) are based upon a specified serving size…and many times the “serving size” would not be enough to sustain a bird…

Myth , madness and Multivitamins


What the research has shown consistently for years now is that, for most people, taking a multivitamin or specific vitamins and minerals offers no necessarily meaningful health benefits to most healthy consumers. (But are a tremendous benefit for certain people with specific needs – which is most of us- who have stress, quick meals and no down time)

Facts and Fallasies about Basic Nutrition


Fallasies we are told about Nutrition 1. Saturated fats are bad for you & your heart Saturated fats are needed by your body to protect your nerve cells, produce hormones, keep your cell membranes healthy, help your body assimilate the…

New Study suggests Vitamins a Waste of Money ! (again)


Of course Multivitamins are a waste of time if you think they will ‘make’ you healthy and ‘prevent ‘ heart attacks, cancer, and ‘long term mental and physical decline’ – ie death
“study suggest eating a nutritious diet doesn’t stop death!!”
In a perfect world we would be healthy. Naturally.But neither we nor our world is perfect
And when we get seriously dis-eased – say late stage cancer, or a fatal stroke- vitamins have little effect.
However if you want to balance out the stresses and strains of ‘modern living, knowing that none of us really eat a ‘balanced ‘ diet, and that no matter how hard we try, we will have inherent nutrient deficiencies – why not try to balance the scale in our favor? Why not do some simple steps to give your health the edge?

Nutrition and Phytonutrients


Role of Phytonutrients in Good Nutrition The term “phytonutrient” is applied to those plant compounds that promote better health, although they are not absolutely essential to human health. The crucial role of fresh, whole plants in human nutrition is undisputed…